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Skype Call Recorder - Best use for interviews

Skype Call Recorder - Best use for interviews

Learn how to use Skype call recording software to saving your interviews

Why a Skype recorder is critical for a successful interview

Posted by Yulanda Burts on November 7 2015, 07:03am

Recording Skype presence via video call is crucial on days like today. More and more recruiters want to see what you look like before you meet in person. Skype is extreme valuable as a stage-key of the hiring process.


Even prestigious universities such as Harvard Law School, are using Skype to filter candidates during the selection process, that makes the recording of interviews on Skype becomes a must-have demand.

The career coach trains a course of action in a Skype interview in his latest book of The Essentials of online business. We have selected the most useful tips from the book, which will give you access to the stage of the interview face to face.

Test your equipment in advance

Since the technology is unpredictable, you'd better prepare for any eventuality. First of all, make sure your Skype connection is working properly before you start a real conversation with your audience.

The coach warns that five minutes before the beginning of the interview is not enough to discover if the volume works or not, make sure leave sufficient time to check the recording device for a Skype video call.


Start a Skype interview and Recording

A major advantage of Skype interviews is that you can use the video option. While you look at your interviewee just like you talk to him face to face.

Personal recordings of Skype interviews are produced with third party plugins just like TalkHelper’s Skype recorder that provides an extremely great call recording feature for Windows users, tracking of video interviews becomes a possible job within TalkHelper; the recording can be used either by legal purpose or for job interviews.

It runs without requiring any manual action, and the recording progress starts as soon as the conversation is established, the software also provide the option for manually recording, calls are saved in well know format – MP3, WAV, and AVI format. This piece of utility works perfectly together with Skype, and has much more features and usability than any other similar software on the market, what I try to say is TalkHelper is 100% suitable for any Skype users who are looking for an easy way to have their Skype calls recorded.


Important notice: Don’t record a phone call without informing the other part, it is not allowed in U.S.

Start a call recording with TalkHelper

Step 1). Install the setup package once you download the software from TalkHelper’s website, Make sure you use default settings during the installation progress. By the way, disable ALL of other options that you properly never want to use.

Eventually you get it installed, the clear designed user interface shows up when you open the software, and Skype window get launched together too, you properly see a pop up message like “TalkHelper will restart your Skype at the first ime”, click the “OK” button to proceed, after that, the “Record” button will be activated when you start a call on Skype.


Step 2). Click the “Record” button to begin recording of Skype calls, choosing different recording option in the “Stereo/Mono audio” menu is everything you want to do. Configure the audio-riented settings if the call you are going to issue doesn’t need the video enabled.

Step 3). Playback the recordings

You may click the “Play” button on the toolbar to playback the recorded file with built-in media player, in alternative, open the particular folder where the recordings are stored in by clicking on the “Open folder” button, all of the AVI and WAV files are listed there, you can easily move them to Dropbox.


Tips for successful recordings

Everyone hates troubles, even using TalkHelper can cause issues, just like crashes, video missing, video-audio sync issue, etc.

Fortunately, we can avoid these failures by following tips:

  • Use a quite modern computer.
  • Don’t launch any audio-video capturing software while you are doing interviews on Skype, especially when TalkHelper’s recording module is working.
  • Turn off the useless services running in the background, save the system resources such as CPU, RAM, and bandwidth to the core player – Skype.
  • If you have anti-virus software like 360 or McAfee installed, make sure it’s turned off during a call via Skype.


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